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Consulting Services

Pacific Coast Ergonomics (PCE) provides consulting services for businesses and home offices to:

  •  help you and your staff work more comfortably and efficiently
  •  increase workplace safety
  •  educate workers in using ergonomics and self care to prevent strain and injury
  •  assist injured employees to return-to, or to stay on the job


PCE consultants conduct work site assessments to identify potential sources of discomfort, pain and fatigue.  We then work with you to find appropriate solutions through:

  •  improved work practices and techniques
  •  adjustments to the work environment
  •  selection of equipment or furniture

Workers’ Compensation

We perform thorough work site risk analyses with detailed reports and recommendations.  Our goal is to work with you to help your injured workers remain on the job, and to increase their awareness of safe work practices.  Our services can also help employees return from injury leave to a safe and comfortable work environment.


Education Services

Pacific Coast Ergonomics (PCE) provides training tailored to fit your employees’ job tasks and work environment.   We have experience in training managers and employees in a variety of occupations, including:

  •  administrative
  •  clerical (secretarial, reception, financial)
  •  technical
  •  professional
  •  laboratory
  •  pharmacy
  •  materials handling (mailroom, stockroom, file room)
  •  patient handling
  •  call center
  •  medical / surgical


We offer classes to help train personnel, including:

  • Office Ergonomics — Education on ergonomics principles, common injuries, self care, injury prevention, arranging the workstation, work practices, safety at work and home.
  • Back Safety — Education on safe bending, lifting and moving of materials; lifting in atypical situations; injury prevention; stretches, support and conditioning for the back; self care; safety at work and home.



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Last Updated 11/18/2011