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Ergonomics is the art and science of finding the optimal fit between a person and his or her tasks, equipment, and environment.

The word ergonomics comes from the Greek words ergon, for work, and nomos, for laws — literally, the "laws of work."  Fortunately, we do not limit modern ergonomics to the workplace, nor do we enforce it with the rigidity of laws.

Sound ergonomics practices can help to increase comfort, safety, efficiency and productivity for everyone.  General guidelines can help you begin to arrange your computer workstation comfortably and efficiently.  Pacific Coast Ergonomics has created a Comfortable Workstation Guide that you can view or download in PDF format.

Because every individual has different needs, assistance is often needed beyond the general guidelines for optimizing the workstation arrangement and work practices.  A good setup for one person or one task (such as working on a computer) is often a bad setup for another person or another task (such as writing or making telephone calls).  We must consider a variety of elements in assessing the needs of any worker, including the job, the environment, and the individualís characteristics.  A qualified ergonomist will take into account the specific tasks and physical needs of each individual in determining his or her optimal work and equipment configuration.


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Last Updated 11/18/2011