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Pacific Coast Ergonomics is a San Francisco Bay Area consulting company dedicated to finding ergonomic solutions to keep workers safe, productive and on the job.

Pacific Coast Ergonomics was founded at the turn of the millennium by Nancy M. Lowe.  Having treated injured individuals for twenty years as a physical therapist and certified hand therapist, Ms. Lowe realized that many of the injuries could have been prevented through improved workstation and task design coupled with education on risk factors and safe work practices.  Determined to stop injuries before they occur, she researched and became certified in ergonomics and established Pacific Coast Ergonomics to make preventive services available to workers throughout the Bay Area.  Nancy Lowe and her team of certified ergonomists and physical therapists also enable injured workers to continue working or quickly return to their jobs with improved safety and decreased pain.

Pacific Coast Ergonomics is a locally-owned, independent ergonomics consulting firm whose services include:

  • Individual work site assessments for injury prevention as well as post-injury remediation
  • Assessments of group work areas
  • Design phase ergonomics recommendations
  • Group education for employees and managers
  • Presentations to community and professional groups


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Last Updated 11/18/2011